Founder & Author

Imam Hariyanto




Jember, ID

A happy young husband that loves his family, Imam was born in Jember, ID, 22 28 years ago. He started writing in this blog since 2012 about everything in taught. As common young guys, having hobby to travel to many country sides is always in his mind. He often explore new places to gain new life experience. At the same time, he loves learning about coffee. Yes, he’s a coffee addict!



Sometimes I encourage myself to try a new thing and let making mistakes, because I could learn more from them than right things.
It’s hard for me to believe something that someone else said about before I tried it by myself. Maybe it will be difficult to do, but I don’t know, I am happy to do.
The biggest thing that I have to try new things is my age. I am still young. Maybe I will revise this statement when I feel I am too old to do something.


Some famous people, such as Jack Ma, Bill Gates, or even others that perhaps you also know, inspire Imam in daily life. It’s not about their richness or amount of money they made, but more about they ways of their life. How could Imam know about all of those things?. Yes, besides travel and coffee, he also read books. He likes all books that could give him inspiration.
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