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Anomali Coffee Setiabudi Located in: Setiabudi One
Address: Setiabudi One, Jl. HR Rasuna Said No.62, RT.18/RW.2, Kuningan, Karet, Kecamatan Setiabudi, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12920
Phone: (021) 5229228

Actually this is my first post since I’ve re-created my personal blog, in this beginning of 2018. After vacant for almost 2 years, I decided to start writing again just to escape from my daily routine 😀 lol. Believe me, I am quite tired to think monotonous things day by day, so writing about something I like is a good idea to refresh my mind.Okay, as you’ve seen on the title, this post is about a well-known coffee shop in Jakarta, Anomali Coffee. Although they open in several locations in Jakarta (or even in some cities across Indonesia), what I would tell you is their shop in Setiabudi Building. This place is located in Kuningan Area, which has so many prestige buildings and office, so we can say that almost people here are they who often seeking a spot to do their productive day.

I visited Anomali with my wife, Lendy (@lendyau). Since we met in the middle of 2016 then got married last year, she became a coffee drinker like me. Due to I often asked her to date in coffee shop, so now she’s transformed to drink coffee while do her works daily.

So, back to Anomali…

Here you can find talented baristas that will say hello when you enter and ask you for order. Anomali provides drinks and pastry. For drinks, you can choose coffee or non-coffee, such as tea or fruit juice. I used to order coffee with manual brewing method by Hario V60. Oh yes, Anomali only serves Indonesian specialty coffee from Aceh to Papua. Goodness!

I and lendy order V60 coffee from Java and Aceh, accompanied by an almond croissant and oatmeal cookies. If you visit this coffee shop, don’t worry about the price since it’s affordable. Around IDR 50k-100k.

I also love their interior design that combines vintage and unfinished industrial design. You’ll see the wall is built by nice red bricks, then the furnitures are made from brown wood. So cozy!

To attract their customers, Anomali used to hold events related to coffee. Right now, they have weekly program namely “Free Hands on Manual Brewing Session”. So, in this program they allow everyone to brew coffee by guidance of their barista, of course. They would introduce and promote Indonesian specialty coffee to public, so that Indonesian coffee could be consumed by local people, not all for export.

The barista will explain about how to brew coffee, from preparation, beans quality, equipments, and pouring water to coffee. Customers will get unique experience when they can brew their own coffee or taste coffee together with others.

If you would to look for coffee shop in Jakarta, you may try to visit Anomali Coffee.

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